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About us



Established in November 2017, located in Shanghai, LAN Foodtech has a highly skilled team with more than 25 years of experience in design, manufacture, install and service automated food processing and freezing equipment for domestic and overseas markets.  Our product ranges from seafood, poultry, meat, vegetable, dessert, baking processing and chilling, freezing equipment to cold storage and cold chain logistics. 


We always think out of the box, to make the difference by incorporating best practice from all forms of processing industry applications and the latest technologies. Our product are highly automated, extensible, and can be remote controlled for problem shooting and maintenance. 


We fully understand today's  competitive food processing industry demands customized long lasting, flexible, efficient, energy saving and easy to maintain equipment that meets the strict standards for their individual applications. We take this as an opportunity to expand our business and product offerings. Our products are designed to comply with Europe, US and AU standards. They are robust in built quality and can be fully integrated into existing systems. Our strong sales and service network across the globe will make installation and service conducted at a timely manner.

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